Follow the Trends Part II

Here is a real life trend that I have noticed. Highlight videos have gained popularity. From my experience, I have noticed more and more videographers at weddings I have done. This could be due to my own personal experience or a general trend. I believe it to be a general trend though.

Here is my rationale; As people from Generation Y get married they are going to want to share their big day. However as people soon see how expensive wedding receptions are, inviting everyone they know does not become realistic. So capturing their wedding day and sharing it online becomes a great option.

I recently met a gentlemen by the name of Kraig Adams of Kadams Media Production. He is a very talented and professional videographer. I was shocked when I first saw him work. To be honest I really didn’t notice him much, but I think that is the best part of his service. He was able to capture precious and intimate moments without being obstructive or in the way.

Take a look at his work here:

The creation of Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter has made sharing moments like this simple and easy. Have you noticed this people sharing !?

Here are several links to Kadams Media Production!

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