What’s New!?

I do apologize for not posting anything in a few months. I do have some new posts in the drafting phase that I will share soon. Here is a brief look at what has been going on.

As I mentioned before, I have relocated to a new area. Indiana, in Pennsylvania, is about 80 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. It seems to be a typical college town from what I have observed thus far. I have been here for just about 2 months and I’m eager to DJ again.

I have not started promoting my service yet because I am undergoing a rebranding campaign. I have hired a phenomenal web designer who is constructing a logo, business card, and website. Once the process is done I will share the early drafts of the logo and business card.

Once the cards and website are done I look forward to going into the local community and promoting my business. I have reached out to a small collection of DJs at Indiana University of Pennsylvania as well. I hope to learn more about the area from them as well as share my expertise. This will be another post as well.

The early summer months were interesting. I was working full time as well as DJing a good amount. This experience gave me a unique insight into a hot topic in the DJ industry. From what I have experienced there seems to be tension between the DJs who work part time compared to the ones who work fulltime. This will be another post that I will share my insight on.

As always I will share some experiences from recent events. There are two weddings this past summer that I look forward to talking about.

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