You’re My DJ?!

These are the words every young DJ dreads to hear. Why you may ask? These words, spoken with the right hint of sarcasm, mean the young DJ will be fighting an uphill battle all night.

Situations like this tend to happen to those who work for a large DJ service. In these companies, the owner will meet with the potential client and elaborate about their service. He or she will explain what makes them special compared to competitors, as well as address the high level of experience their company has. The client will agree to hire this service and then the owner will send you to the event.

I speak passionately about this topic because it has happened to me on multiple occasions. So what is a young DJ to do when he or she find themselves in the cross-hairs of a surprised and angry client? I have attached some pointers that have helped me.

-Never lie: Sounds simple but lying to get your butt out of hot water is never the right move. telling a small lie may relive the client for a moment, but when they find out the truth your reputation and DJ career are over.

– Be accommodating: Kind words and customer service skills go a long way when dealing with surprised and angry people. Be genuine and do your best to address their concerns.

– Demonstrate confidence: Show the client that you are confident in your abilities. Show maturity by addressing to the needs of the event. Be cautious not to come across as arrogant. This could put you in a more damaging situation.

These are just a few things that have helped me in my experience. I will be adding more as time goes on.

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