Will It Be A Hit?

DJ’s know that picking out a hit song can be challenging . There are some characteristics that DJ’s can use to figure out if the song maybe a hit.

1.) Name: An artist with a established name and reputation is more likely to rank higher on the charts then a newer artist. (Depending upon the situation)

2.) Catchyness: (If it’s a real word) A song can still make it on the charts if the melody, rhythm, and texture is appealing to a wide audience. Content also falls in this category. If the songs lyrics are appealing, it could increase its popularity.

3.) Timing: The time a song is released is also important. Certain times of the year are known for great hits, take summer for example. Some songs are released in May and June in hopes that they may gain popularity for July and August.

4.) Linking: Linking, or joining the song with something else, is also a tactic that some artists use. This term is something I have created, but one can see it at work. Songs associated with movies, fundraisers, or other events also become popular. Take My Heart Will Go On from Titanic or We Are The World for Haiti.

5.) Luck: Sometimes it’s just up to luck with what songs make it. I am sure there are corporate powers at work that back certain songs and artists, but in the end its essentially luck.

This was just a brief look of how I look at a song that might have potential to be a hit. As a DJ knowing what is making its way up to the top is vital. Many experienced DJ’s have that special intuition of what will be popular. Watching the trends over the years helps this intuition as well.

I attached this song as a discussion piece. What are your thoughts on it? I feel it might have potential to go far. Do you? Let me hear your feedback.

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