Kyle and Carolyn Drerup

Zac’s DJ expertise really made our wedding reception amazing! I have been recommending him to everyone that I know. When our band cancelled a month before the wedding, I was starting to panic. But we ran into Zac at my friend’s wedding, and decided to ask him if he happened to be free (and willing to travel to Ohio!). We got lucky – he was booked every weekend except ours! Our wedding/reception was a bit chaotic, but he handled everything smoothly. After dinner our families were dancing together and having a great time! Even 5 hours into the reception, the dance floor was still pretty packed; I’m sure it would’ve gone on all night if we hadn’t been so tired! Having known Zac since middle school, I knew he would do a great job. He is incredibly outgoing, responsible, and professional. My husband was skeptical about having a DJ, because we’ve been at weddings where the DJ tries to turn the reception into an X-rated nightclub – not the sort of thing our grandparents want to be at! But our reception was nothing like that, and almost everyone stayed the whole time. It was one of the happiest evenings of our lives, and we are so glad that Zac was able to help us out! Thanks so much! 🙂