Facebook is Your Friend

I tend to DJ for young couples and college age students most of the time. Because this generation is so up to date with technology, tapping into social media can be a great aid to you and your clients.

Facebook is a great social media outlet that can help DJs do their job better. People tend to think that Facebook is primarily used for promoting and advertising only. This is one function of this platform, however it can be used for so much more.

Myself and student organizations have been utilizing Facebook events. We have turned these event pages into more than invitation. WE have used them as a platform to request songs. This is a win-win-win situation. I, as a DJ, win because I am able to learn more about the guest’s musical taste. I also have time to acquire the songs that I do not have before the event. The guest wins because they are able to have their request heard. The client wins because their guests are happy for having their requests heard and played at the event.

I have done this for several events and have come up with some guidelines and suggestions. I highly recommend that The DJ and client meet or talk on the phone about the songs that have been requested on the page. This provides accountability on both sides. The client has the opportunity to tell the DJ what to play and what not to Play. On the other side, the DJ knows what to play and not to play. This allows everyone to be on the same page. Also keep in mind that you open up Pandora’s box when you open this event page. I once had one guest request 63 songs as individual comments on the page. This upset the attendees of the event because they received so many notifications from the event page. But, I have a feeling this is a rare situation. For the most part people honor and respect the system. As a DJ, it is a great way to connect with guests after the event as well. Sending a friendly comment on the event page after the event helps keep you on the top of their minds. I am still exploring other ways to use facebook in this regards.

I would like to try utilizing twitter in the same capacity. What I envision is guests twitting their song requests to certain hashtag. For example a guest could tweet “What a Wonderful World for my wife & I #suitablesounds

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