Follow the Trends

Young professional DJs should be aware of popular trends in the wedding and DJ industry. Does this mean you need to go out and purchase wedding or DJ magazines every week? It couldn’t hurt. But most young guys, or girls, like myself don’t have time to spend hours reading or analyzing charts. So how do you follow whats hip? There are three major ways I can think of:

1.) Experience: The more events you do, the more you see and experience. You begin to see patterns in similarities in your clients wants and needs. Keep in mind, your geographic location also dictates your popular trends.

2.) Network: Ask other DJs you know or professionals in similar fields what they have seen lately. Photographers and videographers can be a great source because you see them almost every event. Typically you’ll see a different Photographer or videographer at every event, which increase the likelihood they have experienced something different then you have.

3.) Research: I know many young people cringe at the word research, but in the end of the day knowing your stuff will help land you the gig, or keep your clients happy. You are most likely in this profession because you enjoy it, so learning more about it should not be too challenging.

I am working getting permission to share a trend I have seen. Stay updated to see a real life example!

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