Hey, I know a guy….

Let’s face it, this phrase gets a bad wrap. When people say “I know a guy” it can go one of two ways. Way one, they actually know someone who maybe able to help. Or way two, they know this guy who is really sketchy who says he can help. Let’s break the stigmatized word.

I attended the Mobile Beat Tour this past summer. It was basically a mini-conference. One of the most helpful session was entitled OPE: Other Peoples Entertainment/Equipment presented by Leonard Ybarra.

In this session Mr. Ybarra emphasized the benefits of OPE. He suggested collaborating with fellow DJs instead of competing with them. This does not mean merge companies, it means highlight each others strengths. here is a example.

If a client is looking for a karaoke Dj and comes to you, and you do not do karaoke, recommend them to a fellow DJ who does that you personally know. Here is the key, make sure you know the DJ service you are recommending. When you recommend a client to a another service, your name is attached to them as well. If they do a bad job it comes out on you.

Here is the best part about our industry, there is so many of us and to some degree we each have our own specialties. My own specialty is Christian events. I share the same beliefs and I am able to provide a party atmosphere that Christians enjoy. I know DJs who have club experience. If a client comes to me and wants to host a club night at venue, I would recommend my friend who has that experience. In that example I could DJ that club event if I really want to, but would I be the best fit for the client, no.

In my opinion, it is better to share a gig with fellow DJ than try to half-ass a event. Because in the end you did not do the gig as well as someone who actually has more experience in that area. It maybe short term loss, but it will be long term gain if you do whats best for the client. Your reputation will get around in a good way.

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