Meeting of The Minds

Being young in this profession can be challenging. There were many situations I faced that I wish no one else would have to go through. That is one reason I have been writing this blog, to share my experiences to help others. Myself and a fellow DJ were talking one day and decided it would be beneficial to gather our friends who are in this industry as well. We would discuss our businesses and issues we face.

Recently this idea turned into reality when I had the great privilege of meeting with 7 other DJs, Photographers and a Videographer. These professionals traveled from the Rochester and Buffalo area and spent around 3 hours collaborating. In this meeting we were able to pitch our companies to ourselves and learn more about what services we provide. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to referrals. Without hesitation, I can recommend these fellow professionals. I now know there strengths and specialties and trust in their abilities to do a great job.

Here is all that attended besides Kraig who was taking the picture and Cathy who had to leave early

Here are the links to those who attended as well! Others are working on their websites currently.!

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