On Personal Note…

I must apologize for not being consistent with my posts. My goal is to have at least one post a month. I would ideally like to update it after every event. However, that does not always happen. Being a student makes recreational writing challenging when you are doing it daily for school. On the note of education, I will be attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania pursuing my masters in Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE). I was blessed to get a assistantship in the Career Development Center. This position provides me with financial support and hands on experience in the field I know and love (besides the DJ profession of course).

This means that I will be relocating my business to a new area where I have no connections. Working on a college campus will provide some opportunities I hope. However, it will be a new challenge trying to break into a new market. I have been doing my best now to help prepare for the move. I am working on my professional image. This includes redesigning my business card, adding material to my facebook page, and creating a website. By doing these things I feel I will be able to present myself in the best possible way to new and potential clients. No matter how much I do I know it rests in Gods hands.

Most of my client base has come from referrals. This takes time to develop and build up. I know with this move I will lose some momentum in the Western New York Market. I have already passed on four different weddings on to fellow DJs I know and trust. Driving 5 hours to come back an DJ a wedding was not a option in my mind.

As I face this next step I look forward to documenting them here for others to learn from.

Till next time,

Zachary Saeva

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