The Success Story

Any DJ will tell you there are days you love your job and days you hate your job. Today I’ll tell you about one of those good days.

I was asked to DJ a event on campus called Second Chance Prom. This event was put on by SOUL, which is the gay and lesbian student organization on campus. The idea was to provide a fun and safe prom atmosphere for gay and lesbian students who may have feared attending prom with their partner in high school. The event was open to the entire student body as well. A diverse student population attended, Both young and old students, and gay and straight students attended with significant others and friends.

The night was going well and I was getting many requests. One gentlemen came up and requested a Nickelback song. I try to do my best to play as many requests as I could, but I also try to keep the party going with energetic music. The thing with Nickelback is they are very polarizing, people either love or hate them, which makes playing one of their songs dangerous for a DJ.

If I was in any other situation I would not have played this song. The conditions were not conducive for this type of music. But What I have not told you about this gentlemen is that he is a Marine. I have the most upright respect for our service men and women, so I decided to play his request.

As the song came on, everyone found their date or special someone and began to slow dance. Within a minute of the song I heard a great commotion. As I looked up I saw the Marine on one knee in front of his date. Moments later there was a great applause and cheers as he placed the ring on her finger and embraced her.

He did it. He proposed to his girlfriend at “prom” which also happened to be a few days from Valentines Day. February 11, 20011.

This is one of those moments I’ll never forget in my career.
You can read more about this event from this issue of the Stylus, which is the college’ school paper.

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