Be Wary: DJ Gear on Black Friday.

Black Friday is probably known as the biggest shopping day of the year. But does this hold true for DJs as well? I disagree, and I will explain here.

Black Friday shopping in itself can be challenging. The dramatic low prices of hot items such as electronics make people go nuts. All of a sudden everyone must have these hot items. The same concept can carry over to DJing.

When you look at the ads you’ll see all these coupons and percentages off. However you need to really look carefully to know what your buying. All my DJ purchases have been made through careful thought and research. When I made a purchase I knew exactly what I wanted and needed.

When I looked through Guitar Centers Black Friday Ad I noticed several products that could be miss leading. For example the BBE Sonic Maximizers are very popular. The most popular unit is the 882i which cost about $249. However the 482i unit looks identical to the 882i besides the lettering on the front. This 482i unit was in the ad for $119 with out clear identification.

So when do you buy gear this year? I personally would wait till after NAMM 2012. NAMM is the big expo where companies show off all their new equipment for the upcoming year. This event normally is in January. Items shown at the expo are usually available by the spring. This timing works if you wish to use the new toys during the busy season of summer.

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