Product Review: djay 4.0

djay 4.0

There seems to be no shortage of DJ software. When I first started off I wanted to stay clear of any complicated DJ software, however it was inevitable. I first came across djay about 3 years ago when version 3.0 was released. A friend showed me the program and told me he used it to DJ his own wedding. The more I looked at the product the more I was intrigued with the possibilities.

djay 3.0

The interface with djay 3.0 is relatively easy to operate. it does not look nearly as intimidating as Virtual DJ. The set up of the djay interface makes DJing simple. It is synced with your iTunes library, so any playlist you have in iTunes can be used in djay. The Search function is accurate and makes finding songs easy. playing songs is easy too. you can double click on the song in the library and it will automatically load to the open deck. You can also click and drag songs to each deck. Using the right and left arrow keys on your keypad operates the cross fader which allows to select the deck to play.

Virtual DJ Pro 7

now onto the differences between the two versions of djay. obviosuly one can see the interface has changed. this makes searching through the library easier. 4.0 also has waveforms visible above each deck, this makes scratching easier and more effective. the biggest change that I have seen in this upgrade is the addition of multiple effects. The three effects on 3.0 were echo, reverb, and pitch adjustment. On 4.0 there are instant effects called Absorb, Drift, Sway, Crush, Punch and Twist.

Check out Phil Morse’s in depth review to see what djay can really do!

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