What Should I Buy?

There are many advantages for being young, But being rich is not one of them. Most likely if you are starting off, you will be looking into purchasing equipment. Remember its not always about buying the most expensive product, its about buying what you need, not necessarily what you want. But before you buy anything stop and examine these few points.

1) Who Am I? I know it sounds odd, but it’s very relevant. If you want to be a club DJ, spending tons of money on sound and lighting is pointless. Most clubs already have extensive sound and lighting systems. If you want to be a mobile DJ, having equipment that is portable is essential. If you are a basement DJ You most likely won’t need the top-of-the-line gear.

2) What Are My Goals? If you want to make money as a DJ you need to buy the right equipment. When I started off as a mobile DJ I knew many of my clients would request a wireless microphone. I also knew a cheaper microphone would not cut it. I invested in a high quality mic because I knew it would need to last. The first set of speakers I bought were middle of the road in quality and price. I knew many people could not tell the difference between the middle class to high class speakers. Because I bought these less expensive speakers I was able to purchase other pieces of gear that added to my service.

3) Who Will Know What I have? A 16 year old won’t care what software and hardware you are using for her birthday party, but a club owner might. If the club is known for bringing in the best DJs around, these DJs are most likely using high end gear. In order to get into this market one needs to have a understanding of what is socially accepted.

To be successful in this business does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars. it does mean you have to spend money smart. As my popularity grew I reinvested portions of what I made in order to grow with my clients needs. This was pivotal for my business and it maybe for yours as well.

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