Here are what people are saying who have used Suitable Sounds by Zachary Saeva.

-Ashley and Zachary | Watertown, NY 

Zachary and Jennaca are a dynamic duo. We hired Suitable Sounds after our initial DJ cancelled on us. Like a few of our other vendors, Zachary and Jennaca are friends with our photographer which made everything so seamless. Having vendors that know each other is key because they know and understand how to work cohesively. Zac contacted all of our vendors to ensure they were on the same page prior to our wedding. He checked in with our venue to make sure they had everything he needed for set up. My husband had created a video that we wanted played right before we were introduced at the reception. It was going to be hooked up to the venues screen and projector. Unfortunately, when Zach went to hook up the computer/video to the screen and projector, it wasn’t compatible. Without hesitation he solved it all before we even arrived from the ceremony! He found a TV at the venue, and got everything connected so that we could share this special memory with our guests. WOW! They went above and beyond. Jennaca was filling the head tables water glasses, she was running back and forth making sure me and my husband were good to go, she was passing the microphone around for us. I mean, what a team! They were playing DJ AND event coordinator. We couldn’t have asked for a better team. Thank you for everything!

-Kristen and Nate | Newark, NJ 

We booked Suitable Sounds for our wedding on 11/2/2019 and it was beyond perfect! Zac and Jennaca consulted with us in advance to determine how we wanted the event to be run, and the general vibe for evening. Their attention to detail during the planning period let us know we were in great hands! The data sheet was incredibly extensive and allowed us the space to ban songs and highlight music we specifically wanted. During the conversation, we realized all of the music decisions that we needed to make, but Zac and Jennaca helped every step of the way. From the reception to the ceremony, their musical choices exceeded our expectations and nailed the tone of the wedding. We could not have asked for a better DJ duo to introduce us, entertain everyone, and keep people dancing throughout the entire event! Thank you Zac & Jennaca!

November 2, 2019

-Kait and Andy | New York City 

We love Zach! My husband and I are so happy we had Zach as our DJ at our wedding ceremony and reception. He is fantastic! He really went above and beyond to make our wedding memorable and fun. He is so helpful, organized, and enthusiastic. He made himself available to answer all of our questions and was extremely accommodating with all our requests. He has incredible people skills and had our guests dancing all night! My husband and I highly recommend Suitable Sounds!

May 13, 2019

-Michelle and Brad | Thomasville, GA 

Zac DJ’d our wedding on July 16, 2016, and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a DJ! Leading up to the wedding, we consulted with him twice, and he was very thorough and knowledgeable, always one step ahead of us. He was always easy to get in touch with, and was professional throughout. The day of the wedding, he did such a wonderful job! The dance floor was always full, and he did a great job of gauging the crowd with what songs to play. I really feel like DJ’s can make or break a wedding reception, and Zac made ours perfect. It was clear that night that he was fully prepared and took our suggestions into consideration. Thanks Zac!

September 10, 2016

-Margaret and Ryan | Indiana, PA

Zac was our wedding DJ on September 3, 2016 and he was awesome! I could tell that the whole time he was paying attention to the guests and changing up songs if needed (nobody knew the electric slide, so he switched to the macarena, for example.)

He was really easy to work with, and he helped us figure out the schedule and timing for everything. He asked detailed questions, and let us customize everything we wanted but had ideas for things we hadn’t considered or didn’t really care about. And he went above and beyond to make sure all things were in order, even coming to the rehearsal the day before (which wasn’t in our contact) just to make sure things went smoothly.

We highly recommend!

-Amy and Ryan | Indiana, PA

Zac was our wedding DJ and did a phenomenal job! He was very energetic, played the perfect variety of songs, and we loved it! Everyone was on the dance floor the entire night enjoying themselves. Thanks Zac!

We would highly recommend Suitable Sounds to anyone!

-Jessica and Gab | Rochester, NY

Zac DJed for our December 3rd wedding and it was absolutely phenomenal! He’s experienced, personable, reasonable, and pays attention to what you want/don’t want which is important. He’s fun but also organized & professional. We appreciated his ideas and also his flexibility! No regrets, just a really great time! Thanks Zac!!!

-Marissa and Matthew | Greensburg, PA

Zach was the DJ for our wedding. We had about 200 people in attendance all ages, ethnicities and music taste. From the start of the reception until the last last song people were dancing and having a blast! He was so easy to work with and very accommodating to our needs. Zach, is the best and most professional artist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. My guests said, “the music was engaging and not too loud so we could still talk and have fun!”. I would highly recommend him for your wedding, dance or fun engagement!

-Carolyn and Kyle | Irondequoit, NY
Zac’s DJ expertise really made our wedding reception amazing! I have been recommending him to everyone that I know. When our band cancelled a month before the wedding, I was starting to panic. But we ran into Zac at my friend’s wedding, and decided to ask him if he happened to be free (and willing to travel to Ohio!). We got lucky – he was booked every weekend except ours!

Our wedding/reception was a bit chaotic, but he handled everything smoothly. After dinner our families were dancing together and having a great time! Even 5 hours into the reception, the dance floor was still pretty packed; I’m sure it would’ve gone on all night if we hadn’t been so tired! Having known Zac since middle school, I knew he would do a great job. He is incredibly outgoing, responsible, and professional. My husband was skeptical about having a DJ, because we’ve been at weddings where the DJ tries to turn the reception into an X-rated nightclub – not the sort of thing our grandparents want to be at! But our reception was nothing like that, and almost everyone stayed the whole time.

It was one of the happiest evenings of our lives, and we are so glad that Zac was able to help us out! Thanks so much! 🙂

-Kim and Todd | Brockport, NY
My wife and I had two wedding receptions in 2011, one in April and the other in July. As we approached the spring wedding, we were trying to finalize details, one of which was finding a DJ. We found out about Zach’s DJing business, Suitable Sounds and so we asked him to be our DJ. One of the best ideas we made (besides the part about actually getting married). Zach was faced with a few “bumps” in the road when it came to our first wedding, including sharing the floor/coordinating song times with our other Bosnian DJ. Needless to say, he did a phenomenal job! Not only did he time each song perfectly, his selection of choices were exactly the style that we had asked him to play. 

Zach isn’t just a wonderful and personable DJ, he’s caring, considerate of everyone’s needs, timely, fashionable, courteous, professional, organized, and above all a great guy! That’s of course, why we used him at our second wedding in July! He definitely knows how to talk to the crowds, get everyone’s attention, keep the flow and schedule as it should be, and keep the bride and groom happy 🙂 We would strongly recommend Zach to everyone looking for a great DJ, especially for those events that are special to you! Pat and Edita Roberts- Hilton, NY

Zac, Todd and I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make our wedding such a success! You were so incredibly professional and fun! You had people dancing the whole night and everyone keeps talking about how much fun they had! From the ceremony music to the last song, you were amazing!! Thanks for making our day so special!

-Jenna and John | Queensbury, NY
Zac, You were a phenomenal DJ. It’s been just a little over 2 months since you did our wedding ceremony, reception, and after party and I swear to you, someone even brought you up during lunch today. Your prices were very affordable, especially considering that you drove across the state and spent 4 days in Lake George! We honestly couldn’t have done it without you and I am recommending you to all of my friends!

-Katy and Brian| Brockport, NY
We would like to say what a pleasure it was to work with Zac for our wedding in October 2011. He was attentive to our needs, helpful at every turn and flawless the day of. We had so much fun! One of our biggest fears was that no one would dance (it was an afternoon wedding) and with Zac at the helm, he had people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. We’ve seen Zac DJ many times on campus so we never should have doubted his ability to read a crowd and get it moving! We’ve had wedding guests ask us to send them Zac’s info for future events and we are happy to support his growing business.

We also appreciate the ethical manner in which he conducts his business—not only being kind and fair, but acquiring the music that you want both responsibly and legally. In a world where shortcuts are the norm, Zac takes none to make sure you have the best day ever! We highly recommend him!

-Laura and Ben | Brockport, NY
My wife Laura and I were married in August 2011 and had the privilege of having Zac DJ our wedding. We were so impressed with Zac’s professionalism, thoroughness, flexibility and adaptability during the planning stages and of course during the actual reception. Zac played a huge role in making it such a fun and memorable day! We highly recommend Suitable Sounds!

-Gloria and Will | Orlando, FL
My wife and I hired Zach to be the DJ for our wedding reception in January. When we first met up with Zach, even though I already knew Zach, he treated us like any other client, being very professional and organized to the point where we immediately knew that we wanted to hire him. The price range was perfect for our budget and very reasonable. He did an amazing job at the wedding working with our music selection and setting the mood. He was funny and on point with everything. Even one one of the microphones was acting up, he was able to work around it.

Over all it was a very memorable and perfect wedding reception with the help of Zach. One part I would like to mention was when Zach played The Circle of Life at the most random moment and my wife and I just went with it and danced as best we could to it. We highly recommend Zach to anyone looking for a DJ and guarantee that they will have a great time.

-Rachel and Vitaliy| Brockport, NY
THANK YOU ZACHARY SAEVA FOR AN IMPECCABLE JOB AT OUR WEDDING!! Vitaliy and I really appreciated your professionalism, time, patience, and composure. We had so many people rave about how phenomenal you were and loved every song you played. You really know how to get a party started!! Thank you!!!